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Hello All! Thank you for stopping by to visit.

I’ve been writing for Medium a short time and am pleased to join Illumination as a writer. I’ve enjoyed being part of this publication and reading excellent stories from around the globe.

I am a born and bred New Yorker and live in a busy suburb 45 minutes outside of New York City.

During an early part of my life, I was a classical musician and performed with an orchestra in the Bronx for 15 years. Although I no longer perform music on a professional level, I listen to music of all genres. When I am networking on LinkedIn, I listen to country music. When I am proofreading at work, I listen to hip-hop music. When I clean the house, I enjoy R&B. …

Robin and Easton meet again

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Robin sat in the green room adjacent to the stage, surrounded by bouquets of roses, irises, and carnations. Fortunately, she wasn’t allergic to flowers. She checked the cards, hoping that Easton had sent a bouquet. Most were from colleagues she recorded with and would be working with in the coming months. One bouquet was from her mother. Of course, the biggest was from Clive, but it didn’t count as she knew he’d expense it to his artist’s management company. She was still angry with him, and whoever else he was sleeping with. Actually, no. …

Stepping up by stepping away

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Today I brought my car for repairs. It has been a painful process and now the last time I am attempting to fix it.

There are times to cut losses and move on.

A well-meaning friend recommended the mechanic I visited today, and I was not impressed. It was an infuriating experience. When I arrived, no one was wearing a mask. The car keys were handed off to someone who got into my car, mask fully pulled down around his neck. …

How the table got overturned.

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Christine managed to park the SUV, and even though we were 10 minutes late to our brunch reservation, the maître-d seated us. The table we reserved was occupied, so we were escorted to a cramped table in the back.

I wasn’t disappointed. I didn’t care where we were sitting. I was going to have to tell my best friend that I was dating her ex.

“What looks good to you, Kelly?” she asked me.

“I’ll take a mimosa first.”

“Yummy. I’ll have that too, and the eggs benedict.”

I chose the French toast. We didn’t have long to wait. We shared our plates, family-style, like we always did. …

Funniest work day ever

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Years ago, I worked in a small office. There were several executives and their support staff.

One of the executives thought highly of himself. To be fair, he was a successful businessman and respected, but he was vain. He would brag about collecting women’s phone numbers and talk about how many of them he dated.

The women in the office laughed. We were entertained by the braggadocio and didn’t take it too seriously.

During that time, we would trade and share magazines we had with each other, so no one was buying duplicates and we all were able to read whatever we wanted. …

Twelve days and counting

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Two days ago, I was writing and editing a work contract. The phone was ringing.

I ignored it.

One of my neighbors called, and when I called her back, she was so upset she could barely talk. She told me to turn on the television. That’s when I saw replay after replay of people forcing their way into the Capitol.

Pre-Covid-19, Washington D.C. was one of my favorite weekend destinations. I would leave work on Friday afternoon and not return to New York until early Monday morning. I was in grad school during most of the weekends that I went away. …

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Symbol of a Nation

Her surprising encounter on tour

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“Again,” the Frenchman snapped. Robin stood up a bit straighter. She had just plowed through two pages of the Quantz Flute Concerto in G Major. She couldn’t believe it. How was she going to do the same exact thing again? Without breathing?

The accompanist looked up from the piano. Bored.

He extracted a cigarette from the pack balanced on the keyboard and began to light it.

“No!” screamed Robert Louis, snapping his fingers. “There will be no smoking in the studio when I am listening to this peasant American! None!”

“Peasant?” Robin thought. …

Will it happen again?

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Easton waits inside of the mini-mart, hoping Robin will stop by. She usually comes in with her best friend, Katie Whitestone. They both get sodas from the fountain, but Robin always adds cherry flavor to hers. This is only one of the things Easton has memorized about Robin.

He also notices she wears her skirts below the knee when she arrives at school but has the skirt pinned above her knees by the time he’s walking to third-period class, just before lunch. He doesn’t know who does this for her, only it’s done and he has a difficult time not getting excited before heading into class. By the time he sits down in the back of the classroom he feels embarrassed for the next forty-five minutes. …


Yve Laran

Bibliophile, Writer, and Blogger at Master’s=Political; Bachelor’s=Musical

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