What 98 Percent Won’t Practice

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From middle school through my mid-forties, I was a professional classical musician. During the journey, I learned several lessons that apply to any career and creative endeavor you may choose to undertake. I’ll share with you the following:

Your 2 Percent

My last flute teacher was Julius Baker, the former principal flutist of…

Day Five of the Shortform Sprint

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I have two destinations I’d like to visit, in the same country.

The first place I’d like to visit is Paris, France. Paris is the city where Jean Pierre Rampal, one of the most famous flutists in the world, lived during his lifetime. France is the country where many great flutists lived and composed their methods during the 1800s and 1900s, which are still in use today.

The second place I’d like to visit is Normandy, France. My grandfather, who died on Omaha Beach on D-Day during WWII, is buried in the American cemetery. I am the only person in my immediate family who has not yet made this pilgrimage. My grandfather was only 19 when he died, while my grandmother was pregnant with my father. I know it will be emotional, but it will be an important visit.

Day Four of the Shortform Sprint

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There are three significant problems with social media.

The biggest problem is full disclosure. People post so much personal information, to the point where it’s embarrassing. At its worst, over-posting divulges so much information that it opens up a person to becoming the target of identity theft.

A second problem is using social media as a false projection for a sense of self-esteem. If someone posts a selfie to proclaim how great their life is, is their life truly so great?

A third problem is the bottomless time abyss. It’s easy to think that you’ll spend a few minutes scrolling through Twitter or Instagram, and when you check the clock, forty-five minutes of your life have elapsed.

It’s time better spent living and doing instead of living vicariously through others.

It’s time to stop scrolling and start living.

Yve Laran

Bibliophile, Writer and Blogger at yve.laran@wordpress.com. Podcaster on Spotify as Yve Laran. Master’s=Political; Bachelor’s=Musical

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