My Writer’s Biography for Illumination

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Hello All! Thank you for stopping by to visit.

I’ve been writing for Medium a short time and am pleased to join Illumination as a writer. I’ve enjoyed being part of this publication and reading excellent stories from around the globe.

I am a born and bred New Yorker and live in a busy suburb 45 minutes outside of New York City.

During an early part of my life, I was a classical musician and performed with an orchestra in the Bronx for 15 years. Although I no longer perform music on a professional level…

What 98 Percent Won’t Practice

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From middle school through my mid-forties, I was a professional classical musician. During the journey, I learned several lessons that apply to any career and creative endeavor you may choose to undertake. I’ll share with you the following:

Your 2 Percent

My last flute teacher was Julius Baker, the former principal flutist of the New York Philharmonic. It would be an understatement to say that it was an honor to study with him. The best lesson he taught me was:

“Practice the 2 percent you don’t know.”

He explained that out of all the flutists who went to study with him, he could…

Med Centers Take More Precautions Than You

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Since I’ll be receiving my Covid-19 vaccines a short time from now, I’ve scheduled my annual exams and had the first one this week. I’ll admit, the last place I want to go right now is a medical center, but after thirteen months, I no longer want to put off ensuring that my health care needs are met.

I have been wearing a double mask everywhere I go, and despite this, when I arrived at the med center, the front door entrance was monitored by a person who handed me a mask.

He said, “Put this on over your mask,”…

Keeping More Money In My Wallet

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The past year has taught me a lot about finances.

Resigning from my job in March 2020 rocked and reworked my financial existence. Before the pandemic, I didn’t think about money. I had enough to pay my bills, enough to invest, enough for entertainment, enough to eat out for lunch every day, and enough to stop at CVS or Duane Reade before heading up to the office for work, in case I forgot a lipstick or felt like buying a magazine.

I look back on how much I spent on various items and wonder why I did so. I’m grateful…

Not the pizza I wanted

Hannah Tasker on Unsplash

This afternoon I received a phone call from one of my long-time friends. We catch up every few weeks, and today was one of those days. Most of our talks are about how we are each coping with Covid-19.

I told her I was craving pizza, but I have not had it since I’m not willing to order or take it out from a restaurant in my neighborhood. She agreed with that reasoning, as too many restaurants where I live are not strictly enforcing social distancing guidelines.

The restaurants are divided into two camps in…

Writing on low energy days

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I have been working my way through a book of writing prompts, which I pick up when I’m tired and lack the stamina to write a full-blown article for the day. I’m about two-thirds of the way through the book and recommend it to all writers, thinkers, and creative people to spark your thought and imagination.

The book is 3,000 Questions About Me, published by Picadilly, Inc. and not attributed to a single writer or author. Yes — there are a total of 3,000 questions in the book, all of which may be answered in…

A brief book review of the graphic designer’s work

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If you are interested in graphic design and looking for a quick read, The Vignelli Canon by Massimo Vignelli is a 112-page, slender volume of profound wit that will provide you with creative wisdom.

Massimo Vignelli and his wife, Lella, are known as leaders in the design field, if not the most successful of their craft.

I hesitate to use the words “first” or “best” graphic design artists, as there are a plethora of designers, each of whom has made an impact in the field. For example, who created the ubiquitous icon for Bell Telephone in the 1970s? Saul Bass…

It’s a tool for career renewal

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I’ve been visiting my library’s website for the past year, as in-person browsing is not possible. I’m able to borrow 10 e-books for two weeks at a time, and most of the time, the borrowing expires before I have time to read most of what I’ve chosen.

As wonderful as e-books are, the local library website provides access to excellent resources which I’m using to ramp up career skills.

Covid-19 sparked an unexpected career change, and I’m now working as an office manager. Most of my work has transitioned from previous employment, including bookkeeping, writing, proofreading, and editing.

However, as…

A Brief Review of the Singer’s Autobiography

Photo by Wendy Wei from Pexels

I picked up Mariah Carey’s autobiography as a fan of her music, but by the end of reading the book realized she is a woman of depth and profound character, notwithstanding the bad press she has received over time.

Ms. Carey has overcome tremendous obstacles in her personal life, from leaving a dysfunctional family and then, the dysfunctional marriage to her first husband and manager, Tommy Mottola of Sony Records. She spares no detail regarding harrowing incidents that most of us could not conceive of, or survive. …

Yve Laran

Bibliophile, Writer, and Blogger at Master’s=Political; Bachelor’s=Musical

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