My Writer’s Biography for Illumination

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Hello All! Thank you for stopping by to visit.

I’ve been writing for Medium a short time and am pleased to join Illumination as a writer. I’ve enjoyed being part of this publication and reading excellent stories from around the globe.

I am a born and bred New Yorker and live in a busy suburb 45 minutes outside of New York City.

During an early part of my life, I was a classical musician and performed with an orchestra in the Bronx for 15 years. Although I no longer perform music on a professional level…

What 98 Percent Won’t Practice

Image by Brenda Geisse from Pixabay

From middle school through my mid-forties, I was a professional classical musician. During the journey, I learned several lessons that apply to any career and creative endeavor you may choose to undertake. I’ll share with you the following:

Your 2 Percent

My last flute teacher was Julius Baker, the former principal flutist of the New York Philharmonic. It would be an understatement to say that it was an honor to study with him. The best lesson he taught me was:

“Practice the 2 percent you don’t know.”

He explained that out of all the flutists who went to study with him, he could…

Remaining Humble While Preparing For the Do-Over

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I was on the way home Friday night when I received my audition results. Although I did not get accepted to improv school, the instructor recommended that I enroll in a workshop class to prepare for the next audition.

I decided it’s time to get to work.

When I arrived home, I fired up my laptop and did some research regarding the workshops. The next one will begin over the next few days. I researched the instructor’s credentials. He’s acted in several television roles and has also worked as an executive.

I enrolled…

It Won’t Be the Last, but Will Need a Do-Over

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Tonight I took my first L.A. audition, via Zoom meeting. It was for an improv school, and I’m glad that I did not look up the roster of teachers beforehand. If I knew who I was auditioning for, and their credentials, I would have been intimidated.

It was a two-hour audition, with approximately 12 auditionees in attendance. Yes, all of them were younger than me, but I did not focus on it or let that become a factor in the process. The instructor leading the audition led it as an…

What We Eat to Live Our Dreams

Photo by Dominik Kollau on Unsplash

When I was 30, I visited Europe for the first time. It was a ten-day trip, and I went from Munich to Salzburg to Vienna.

On the very last day of the trip, I met an artist who was staging an art show in Vienna. I was sitting on a bench in a plaza, waiting for an hour, before going to the opera house. The artist saw me and sat down next to me, striking up a conversation.

He invited me to his art show that evening, and I let him know I…

Jehar Sadat, Champion of Women and Families

Photo by Jeremy Zero on Unsplash

Jehan Sadat, the wife of the former president of Egypt, Anwar Sadat, has passed away at the age of 87.

Mrs. Sadat was an extraordinary woman in her own right, advocating for humanitarian efforts and causes throughout Egypt. During her lifetime, she founded such organizations as the S.O.S. Children’s Villages in Egypt, to serve and protect the country’s orphans.

It is estimated that there are presently 1.7 million orphaned children in Egypt, a significant portion of the population.

Jehan Sadat also established the Wafa’ Wal Amal (Faith and Hope) Society in Egypt in…

It Never Went Away. It’s Coming Back.

Photo by Priyanka Puvvada on Unsplash

How does it feel to be back in Manhattan, but not? My high-powered job is gone, and my daily commute is gone. But the buildings are still there, along with the people and their optimism. Yet, most of the storefronts in Grand Central are closed. I no longer spend half an hour leafing through magazines as I used to do in Hudson News because it’s shuttered. Zaro’s Bread Basket is open in the afternoon, but not by the time I head home in the evening.

On Fridays, I have half days at my…

What to Expect When You’re Expecting Side Effects

Photo by Ibrahim Boran on Unsplash

I recently had my second Covid-19 vaccination and would like to share with you the side effects that I experienced. Not everyone experiences them, but if you think you will, or would like to prepare I’ll share what happened, and some useful advice.

I received my second vaccination in the middle of the afternoon. The gentleman administering it let me know that I would most likely experience the side effects over the next 24 hours. He said that if I had a headache, I could take Tylenol. He asked if I had taken anything over the prior three weeks and…

Cancel an Appointment When You Won’t Make It

Photo by Alex Mecl on Unsplash

I’ve been eligible to take the Covid-19 vaccine since the middle of February and appreciate that my healthcare provider e-mailed to advise I could receive the vaccine. Scheduling a vaccination appointment was next to impossible, however, in the New York City — Metro area.

I bided my time and was patient in checking for availability. Every day I would log on to New York State’s Covid-19 website, and every day, I’d see that I could make an appointment…if I wanted to travel 250 to 400 miles away from where I live.

I finally scheduled an appointment on April 1st, for…

Yve Laran

Bibliophile, Writer, and Blogger at Master’s=Political; Bachelor’s=Musical

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