Don’t Worry About Going to the Doctor

Med Centers Take More Precautions Than You

Photo by Maxime on Unsplash

Since I’ll be receiving my Covid-19 vaccines a short time from now, I’ve scheduled my annual exams and had the first one this week. I’ll admit, the last place I want to go right now is a medical center, but after thirteen months, I no longer want to put off ensuring that my health care needs are met.

I have been wearing a double mask everywhere I go, and despite this, when I arrived at the med center, the front door entrance was monitored by a person who handed me a mask.

He said, “Put this on over your mask,” which I did. Then he said, “Turn to your left, and face the camera.” An I-pad was set up to automatically take my photo and normal temperature measurement. There was no asking: I was told to do this within the space of a few seconds of my arrival before I could think of it or process it. I’m sure if I objected, I’d be told I couldn’t enter the building.

Before entering, I was asked if I had Covid-19 symptoms, and when I said “no,” he let me into the lobby of the building.

Since it was early, I was the only person checking in, although others were sitting in the waiting area.

Most of the chairs were turned toward the wall, and not easily movable. You’d have to pull and drag one of the overstuffed, upholstered chairs across the floor to move it and it would be apparent to anyone what you were doing.

For every chair available, the next two were turned toward the wall, ensuring a six-foot distance between people sitting down. This was a great idea. If the chairs were removed, then it would be easy for the remainder to be pushed together if two or more people wanted to sit next to each other for a chat. There was no chance of that, though, as when I made the appointment, I was told that I could not bring a family member or friend to wait with me during the exam.

My procedure was brief, taking less than fifteen minutes. I asked the technician how she had fared over the past 13 months and she said that her family had remained healthy, but they also had a restaurant opening just as restrictions were placed. They managed to open, and are recovering, and she said that she feels grateful for it.

We were both talkative and shared a wonderful conversation.

I think that’s a product of Covid-19. We’ve been separated for so long that we welcome any in-person interaction and the ability to ask “How are you?” and mean it. It’s an opportunity to take the time to listen to what someone has been through and to care about it. I wished her well and thanked her for coming to work to take care of people.

If you’ve been hesitant to go to the doctor, it’s understandable. After what I experienced, I’m able to share that every precaution was taken, and felt like my health and well-being were protected, every step of the way.

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