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  • Arianna Beck

    Arianna Beck

    Investigative, simple writer. Seville Seville

  • Ingerul Pierdut

    Ingerul Pierdut

    Top Writer in the Ideas and Startup! If you can’t, you must. If you must, you can. Support me:

  • Shamaz Abraham

    Shamaz Abraham

    Digestible free writer. Read unlimited on the medium by supporting me and your favorite writers using the link;

  • James Krallen

    James Krallen

    Hey everyone. I am an author of seven novels and numerous short stories. I would love to share my work with you. It’s dark, brooding and mysterious!

  • Dee Hernandez

    Dee Hernandez

    An educator-chronicler-entrepreneur, but I don't care for labels, really. 🤓 I write all things Philosophy and Science. 🚀Find me @

  • Meredith Cummings

    Meredith Cummings

    Multimedia journalist, Senior Journalism Instructor, social media manager, nonprofit director.

  • Dr John Frederick Rose

    Dr John Frederick Rose

    Research Engineer in facilitating how people collaborate. I love poetry, forests and my garden. Amateur cook. I’m an editor and top writer in poetry.

  • Jason Matt Lukis, MBA, MS

    Jason Matt Lukis, MBA, MS

    MBA in Management from NSU | MSci. in International Real Estate from FlU | Graduate Student in Social Media at UF

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