My First L.A. Audition Results

Yve Laran
2 min readJul 19, 2021

Remaining Humble While Preparing For the Do-Over

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I was on the way home Friday night when I received my audition results. Although I did not get accepted to improv school, the instructor recommended that I enroll in a workshop class to prepare for the next audition.

I decided it’s time to get to work.

When I arrived home, I fired up my laptop and did some research regarding the workshops. The next one will begin over the next few days. I researched the instructor’s credentials. He’s acted in several television roles and has also worked as an executive.

I enrolled in his class, paid the tuition, and look forward to beginning.

Over the weekend, I spent time researching sketch writing, which will become a requirement in one of the school’s classes. I will therefore need to know story structure and scriptwriting formatting. I feel confident about story structure and outlining but have no experience whatsoever in scriptwriting.

I went online to review several free scriptwriting programs available for download and chose a free version of Arc Studio. Downloading it to the laptop took only a few moments, and it’s easy to use. I entered a few project ideas, then began writing a few pages of a scene between two characters. If I enjoy the test drive over the next several days, I’ll consider a subscription.

In the meantime, I will continue with improv classes in New York City. I attended class again, and the classmate I wanted to apologize to from last week did not attend this week. Even though that person was absent, I spoke to the instructor about my regret, and she said she would have commented if she perceived my actions on stage were affecting others in the class.

I resolved to do better in that evening’s class by remaining present in what was occurring on the stage and by supporting my fellow students. One asked me to stay afterward for another improv event, and I did. It was an opportunity to see the theater’s house team in action. They were a strong group of performers encouraging the newer students to participate.

I’ll remain for that group next week, as I enjoyed watching and learning from them.



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