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Yve Laran
3 min readMar 8, 2022

Finding the Secret for Success

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Several years ago, I worked as a research intern for a think-tank in Washington D.C. I worked remotely in the off-hours from my full-time job in New York.

While I was happy with the New York job, and it paid well, I was no longer interested in what I was doing.

I thought, “Something has to change.”

I started looking online at the catalog of evening and weekend classes at New York University. As usual, I wanted to take a writing class but have a bookcase filled with books on writing. Then I came across a course which was an Introduction to International Relations.

I thought, “This reminds me of the television show, Fareed Zakaria GPS.”

The funny thing is, I watched that show every Sunday morning and enjoyed the round table discussion and arguments regarding world events. I wondered if I would enjoy the class. I thought, for a few hundred dollars, I would be out of my apartment a few nights every week, either at class or studying at the library.

I took the class, and I loved it. I wound up staying at NYU for 14 months, meeting people from all over the world. Classmates from Peru, Japan, Mexico, India, and Brazil are only a few of the wonderful friends I made. After NYU, I earned a master’s degree in diplomacy, and upon graduation, landed the D.C. internship.

This is the point where the conversation becomes tricky. I cannot share where I worked, and I cannot share what I researched, because I signed a non-disclosure agreement with the think-tank.

What I can share is the generality of what it is like to work as a research intern for a think-tank.

If you are fortunate, you will work with an analyst specializing in an area of interest that matches your education and talent. For example, if you are fluent in Spanish and majored in economics, you could work with an analyst conducting a study to compare banking systems and practices in a Spanish-speaking country. You’ll try to figure out what works and what exposes possible avenues of fraud.

Be advised I am making up this example, as it is unrelated to what I worked on and studied. It’s an example of what the work might entail. The supreme and…



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