The Ultimate Planning Book for a Creative Life: Ninja Writer’s Guide to a Fresh Start, by Shaunta Grimes

Yve Laran
4 min readJan 6, 2022

A Mini Book Review

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This is the perfect book to jumpstart your new year and to accelerate your creativity. I was prompted to purchase this book via Amazon after reading several Medium posts by the author, Shauta Grimes. This will not be a traditional book review, as I will write about practical actions and thoughts in responding to this book.

In Ms. Grimes, I find a kindred spirit. She recently wrote a post on the number of notebooks and planners she owns, and why.

You may read her post, as follows:

My Planner and Notebook Game for 2022 | by Shaunta Grimes | The Write Brain | Jan, 2022 | Medium

I own three planners: a small planner to track the work in my day job; a larger 18-month weekly planner for personal use, and a medium-sized weekly gratitude journal. I began using three planners in March 2020 after Covid-19 sparked a career shift, and I prefer using all three, as each is distinct and serve their purpose. I keep the work planner next to my laptop throughout the day to track time spent on projects and to write reminders of people to call in the weeks ahead.

It’s invaluable: I write items down right away and don’t keep my thoughts cluttered with having to remember work facts or calls to be made.

One aspect of The Ultimate Planning Book that I appreciate is the advice regarding decluttering and meal planning. Each chapter of the book builds on the last, and each chapter includes the concept of clearing or tidying your living space in the evening, which leaves it ready for the next day.

Concerning meal planning, I’ll speak from personal experience. Planning meals a few days ahead of time saves money and leaves time to spend on writing and relaxing. Ms. Grimes suggests keeping a small and portable notebook to jot down everything, including grocery lists. I have now been using one of my notebooks for this purpose, instead of index cards. It helps to have a go-to place to write down “olive oil” when I see I’m low on it or any other item in the pantry or fridge. I keep a running list for a week, then place an online order with Target, for delivery, which is another time-saver.



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