The Wish, by Nicholas Sparks

Yve Laran
2 min readJun 22, 2022

A Mini Romance Book Review

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I like to read books in large chunks if possible, and with romance books, I enjoy reading them in one to two sittings.

One to two chunk reading was not possible with The Wish by Nicholas Sparks.


There were so many moments to reflect upon and a few times when I had to put the book down to indulge in a sobbing sob-fest. That’s when you know a book has succeeded in touching the soul and making you perceive the characters as if they are your own family, friends and loved ones.

Throughout, The Wish is a novel filled with emotional resonance and feeling, one in which the main character, Maggie Dawes, is coping with a difficult situation. Maggie winds up living with her aunt in a remote location in North Carolina, far away from her suburban upbringing close to a major city. I won’t provide spoilers as to why Maggie lives with her aunt, but I will share the obvious plot point of romance novels: she meets her love interest. In this novel, the love interest’s name is Bryce.

Bryce in turn, introduces Maggie to the world of photography. As the story unfolds, the impact of their relationship and Maggie’s budding talent as a photographer are key plot points that bind the novel together in a seamless manner.



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