Three Women by Lisa Taddeo

Yve Laran
2 min readMar 20, 2022

A Sunday Mini Book Review

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Three Women explores the sexual development and relationships of three American women, as interpreted and written about by the journalist, Lisa Taddeo. Ms. Taddeo follows her subjects over several years to study and create a compelling non-fiction account of their lives.

There were many things I liked in reading this book.

The stories of each woman were told in a forthright and bold manner. If the women were not quoted directly, their feelings were expressed by the words of the author, in a way many women can intuit while reading. Every story was interesting, and every chapter ended with a punch and a cliffhanger, keeping the tension high and the pages turning well past my bedtime.

Why do we read? We read to be transported to a world we may not understand, but one we want to relate to. In reading this book, the reader is brought into the most uncomfortable worlds that women experience. Sometimes it means being transported to the planets of being betrayed, ignored, or used. Ms. Taddeo explores each of these themes in the constellation of her book.

Be prepared in reading Three Women.

You will be transported, but you may not always enjoy the journey. You’ll relate to each woman’s experience but in doing so, you will examine your feelings and life stories. The strength of the narrative matches the strength of self-reflection as you read. If you are willing to examine your innermost thoughts, then you will understand the depth and success of the author’s work.

Source Read:

Taddeo, Lisa (2019). Three Women. New York: Avid Reader Press, an Imprint of Simon and Schuster, Inc.



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