Your Lousy Little One Clap Slap

Yve Laran
2 min readFeb 20, 2022

Don’t Bother, and Keep It Moving Elsewhere

Photo by Roger Harris on Unsplash

There have been several times I’ve written and self-published stories on Medium. On those occasions, a reader, a troll, or a bot has decided, “Hey, let’s leave one clap on this story.”

Most of the time, I don’t care. However, it’s beyond infuriating when the one clap occurs minutes after publishing a fresh story.

Don’t do this, readers.

You’re wrongfully signaling to others that a new story isn’t worth someone else’s read.

I recently reviewed the profile of a member providing a one-clap slap. That person had less than 10 followers and less than 10 stories written and posted.

Really?! Yet you’re the self-appointed expert deciding that no one else should spend time reading my work.

I promptly blocked that person, or troll, or bot, whoever they were, and under whatever false presumption or identity they needed to assume.

My reading stories on Medium is a simple matter. If I read a story I don’t like, I don’t leave a clap. I think of the person who took the time to write and post, recognizing that at least they published their work for consideration.

I proceed to read the next interesting story.



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